LOVE SPACE 2019 - dates to be announced soon! 

'To see and hear such talented and valiant people was both humbling and heartwarming. I have not stopped thinking about it...'

LOVE SPACE is a performance like no other.  One night of spoken word, dance and music that brings together established and emerging artists  from different backgrounds, ages and nationalities to celebrate life, creativity, empowerment and the rising talent in London.

This is a group of inspirational artists sharing their passions and creative courage to collaborate and bring people together through performance. 



Emma Stow

Writer, speaker and musician Emma Stow

is the originator and director of LOVE SPACE. Emma is the author of Revolution of Being and is known for her international work and retreats on the soul. Her focus is on love and awareness as a catalyst for personal and global change.

Emma will be writing and performing new music specifically for the show.


Jerome Harvey-Agyei

Jerome is the host of LOVE SPACE. Jerome is a dynamic presenter, speaker, manager and children's advocate. Jerome has founded many initiatives for youth, especially care leavers and BAME youth, in London and has been a tireless advocate for youth, appearing often on TV and radio. He is passionate about finding solutions and creative empowerment and reaching the most disengaged to help them fulfil their potential. 


Denise Rowe

Denise Rowe is a professional dancer and choreographer, trained in many aspects of contemporary and African dance. Denise has performed at the South Bank Centre, The Place and the Horniman Museum.  She sits on the board for Dance in Devon and was selected as an ADAD Trailblazers champion in 2012. She is the creative director and producer of Earth Dances.


Chifa K

Award winning 19 year old spoken word artist and performer Chifa K is a resident artist at the Roundhouse. She is also an aspiring actress who hopes to tell the stories of many under-represented Muslim girls and showcase the many voices that we haven't heard.


Flavio de Marco

Flavio de Marco is a painter, based in Berlin, who has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, and as well as founding the magazine "Rivista". In 2013 he published his first book, "Stella" (Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna).


Asim the Poet

Asim the Poet is a writer, spoken word artist and a story teller from Leicester, delivering hard hitting stories with an aim to present hope and spread positivity through his words.


Broken Pen

Broken Pen is a  Spoken Word Artist, Rapper and South East London resident, 25 years young who aims to spead positive vibes and change the world through the art of communication.


Jamal Khan


Jamal Khan is an award-winning writer & performer whose work beautifully tackles significant issues ranging from gun crime to mental health.


At 21, he has travelled across the country performing at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, including the Houses of Parliament,  Hackney Empire, and featured on ITV & Sky News. 


 Jamal's book ‘Words Within Walls’  is a collection of diary entities, short stories and poems from the journals that he kept whilst serving a prison sentence

Asef Nabizadeh


Asef escaped from Afghanistan to England alone at just 12 years old and made a life for himself here. He will be telling his remarkably heroic story at Love Space for the first time.


We're working with organisations and  individuals who are helping make this project a reality, including  

Gillian McIver, film-maker and organiser of  live-art events at Luna Nera

The Alliance for Childhood

PF Events Lights and sound